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The set-up is geared towards a fair and diversified representation of all DSOs:

General Assembly

The Assembly will be the leading body of the Entity. It will consist of all registered Member DSOs (with voting power) and Associate Members (no voting rights).

Board of Directors

The Entity will be managed by a Board composed by the President of the Board and 27 members' representatives, representing the 3 categories of DSOs.

Strategic Advisory Group

The Group shall be a forum of consultation on matters pertaining to the Association. It consists of representatives of the European Associations representing DSOs and representatives of those Member States without members in the Board of Directors.

Expert Groups

Expert groups will be mainly responsible for the technical work on Network Codes related to the operation of DSOs systems. Their composition shall reflect the technical and geographical diversity across Member DSOs.

Country Expert Group

The experts within this group comprise 1 DSO per country nominated by the DSOs from each country represented at the Assembly.

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