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DSOs submitted their contribution to ACER-CEER’s public consultation on the existing European Electricity Grid Connection Network Codes (GCC NCs)

On 10th June, DSO Entity, together with the four DSOs associations (CEDEC, E.DSO, Eurelectric, GEODE), have submitted the common reply of DSOs to the public consultation opened by ACER on the amendment of the existing network codes on grid connection (GCC NCs).

Opened by ACER (EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) and CEER (Council of European Energy Regulators) upon proposal of the European Commission, this consultation initiates the process to amend the existing European Grid Connection Network Codes (GC NCs) in September 2022 and focused in particular on the Requirements for Generators (RfG) and Demand Connection (DCC) Network Codes. It aimed at collecting feedbacks from stakeholders on a Policy Paper on the GC NCs and the possible amendments, drafted by ACER and CEER.

Click here to view the common reply.

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