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ENTSO-E and the EU DSO Entity submit the Network Code on Cybersecurity for ACER review

Today, ENTSO-E and the EU DSO Entity submitted to ACER their joint proposal for the Network Code on Cybersecurity in accordance with Article 59 (9) of Regulation (EU) 2019/943.

The Network Code on Cybersecurity aims to set a European framework for the cybersecurity of cross-border electricity flows. It includes rules on cyber risk assessment, common minimum requirements, cybersecurity certification of products and services, monitoring, reporting, and crisis management. It provides a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders for each activity.

Following the establishment of EU DSO Entity in June 2021, this network code is the first one jointly delivered by TSOs and DSOs, in application of the Memorandum of Understanding recently signed between both associations, which illustrates our mutual ambition to jointly contribute to the transition to a carbon-neutral European energy system. ENTSO-E and the EU DSO Entity closely collaborated throughout the drafting process, basing themselves on the ACER Framework Guideline, and under the guidance of a Drafting Committee consisting of a wide range of stakeholders. The joint proposal for the Network Code on Cybersecurity was consulted upon from 12 November to 10 December 2021.

More information on the drafting process, the stakeholder consultation and the joint proposal can be found here.

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