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DSO Entity welcomes ACER’s initiative to review the existing Grid Connection Network Codes

DSO Entity replied on 24th of November  to ACER's consultation on amending the existing Network Codes (NCs) on Request for Generators and Demand Connection, reiterating, in technical details, several attention points on improving and harmonizing EU rules. Aligned with EU objectives and the new technologies developments, enhancing electrification is a priority for achieving EU climate and energy goals. As DSOs, we need to accommodate a large scale of technologies that will be connected directly to DSO's grids in the near future under common EU rule, focusing on enabling the deployment of renewable sources, storage, EVs, and, last but not least active energy customers.

  1. Request for Generators Network Codes reply: click here for reply
  2. Demand Connection (DC) Network Codes: click here for reply

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