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Participation and membership

All 2 500 electricity DSOs in Europe can become members.

  • Registered members may participate directly or be represented by a national association designated by the Member State or by a Union-level association.
  • Interested electricity DSOs that are subject to EU energy rules and are registered outside the EU can become Associate Members and follow the work of the EU DSO entity by attending the Assembly meetings.
  • Existing associations (national or European) representing DSOs will have the right to participate as observers at the Board meetings.

Practical information on costs

  • No immediate costs at time of registration
  • Fair and proportionate membership fees that reflect the number of connected customers

Membership fee shall be included in DSOs’ revenue streams through grid tariffs at national level, subject to approval of its respective National Regulatory Authority (NRA)

Why should I register?

  • To make my voice heard and to ensure that my own DSO interests and values influence the EU DSO Entity’s decisions
  • To guarantee diversity and a balanced representation of all DSOs in Europe (big - small, local – urban etc.)
  • The larger the register of subscribing DSOs, the greater the legitimacy and power of the EU DSO Entity will be.

What does my registration for membership entail?

  • A vote in the General Assembly (direct or indirect participation possible)
  • The possibility to apply for membership in the Board of Directors
  • Potential participation in one or more of the Expert working groups
  • Information, feedback and assistance from my EU DSO entity

How can I register?

  • The online registration is available HERE.


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