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The EU DSO Entity is an expert entity strengthening the cooperation between DSOs at European level

The EU DSO Entity has been legally set up by the Electricity Regulation (EU) 2019/943.

It is a body fostering the cooperation between all electricity Distribution System Operators at European level, irrespective of their size and type, working for the common European interest.

As an entity focusing on technical issues in a neutral manner, it does not aim at representing particular policy. Neutrality has to be ensured.

Main tasks

  • DSO/TSO cooperation: promoting the optimal and coordinated operation and planning of DSO/TSO networks
  • Consultation on Guidelines and participating in the elaboration of Network Codes which are relevant for DSO grids

Others tasks

  • Facilitating the integration in DSOs grid of Renewable, Distributed Energy Resources and storage
  • Facilitating demand side flexibility and distribution grid users’ access to markets
  • Contributing to the digitalization of distribution systems (deployment of smart grids and smart meters)
  • Supporting the development of data management, cyber security and data protection

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