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Rationale of the EU DSO Entity

While the changes of the energy system are evident…

  • From fossil to renewable, intermittent power sources
  • From centralized to distributed and flexible electricity generation
  • From analog to digital power and data management

… and those changes lead to an enhanced role of DSOs

  • DSOs are integrators of the largest share of renewables (> 90% at DSO-grid)
  • DSOs become active system managers as they face challenges of increased volatility in energy supply and grid stability
  • Holistic DSO-TSO network planning and cooperation needed

DSOs are central in the energy transition and highly affected by EU-policies but lack a formal representation.

The EU DSO Entity is the only means of representation of the DSOs regarding the development of network codes and guidelines. Membership shall allow to actively contribute to the respective decision-making process.

The EU DSO Entity aims at :

  • Reflecting the new central role of DSOs in the energy transition
  • Strengthening the cooperation between DSOs
  • Creating a forum of expertise and exchange of views between DSOs on a range of topics that relate to their business and the development of network codes
  • Facilitating the DSO/TSO cooperation as well as the technical expertise dialogue with other stakeholders

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